Ian Sharps

Under 16s lead coach

Department: Coaching
Age Groups: U23
Date Joined: 01/01/2020

Professional qualifications

  • A license- completed 2016
  • Advance youth award – completed 2019
  • First class degree in Sports science – (completed at Manchester met in a part time course over 4/5 years) 2016
  • Diploma in Sports management (a course completed over 2 years with 2 residential weeks and course work completed off site) 2018
Which Wolves Value best suits you and your role?

Progressive – looking to progress in both professional and individual capacity. To always be looking to keep learning and progressing as courses above show. Watching and listening to various media, podcasts and video to see trends and/ or predict trends that are coming into youth and senior football.

Professional playing experience

650 + games in professional football

Weekly tasks overview

• prepare, plan and deliver training to the under16/15 group four times a week within an Md team
• ensure planner and details are correct for players and parents and their is an open line of communication to both
• communicate via Spond providing updates and useful information
• give a wide variety of games program to the group varying in playing against different opposition in different environments on different size pitches
• provide weekly individual feedback via pma
• use the hudl tool to give both group, unit and individual feedback to the players
• give updates to senior staff on players progression 6/8 weekly after MDT meetings.
• meet players and parents face to face (or viaZoom) to discuss players progression and show strengths and areas of improvement.

What do you most enjoy about working for the academy?

To be able to improve young lads lives by giving them experiences both on and off the pitch which they wouldn’t usually have and be a small part of their journey.

Future career and academic aspirations

Academically I would like to look into some courses that involve psychology of teenagers to get to know the way their brain works better and therefore gain greater knowledge moving forward.
I enjoy coaching and would ideally like to be able to take a team over a period of time with smaller restrictions. Longer term (10 years) I would like to look into doing some coach observation work