At Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, we understand the importance of a holistic development plan. As a group of staff, we work in an interdisciplinary team as ‘One Pack’.  

As part of the Youth Development Phase, the under-15/16’s group train four times per week, play in the Premier League Academy Games Programme and we also organize additional fixtures, where appropriate. 

In addition, the under-15/16 age group will participate in national and international tournaments ranging from 5v5 indoor tournaments, moving through 6v6, 9v9 and into 11v11 game formats. 

We aim to provide the group with a variety of life experiences both on and off the pitchtravelling to tournaments across Europe such as Germany and as far as China. Unfortunately, Covid19 stopped us from travelling to the USA to play in a prestigious tournament in Miami.  

As part of the weekly schedule, all players will have the opportunity to develop across the technical, tactical, psychological, social and physical corners, but this is not wholly exclusive to any particular corner, as they all intertwine. This will include group and individual training sessions delivered by Academy coaches in line with the Youth Development Phase Programme and club playing philosophy.  

Individual and group analysis sessions are delivered by Academy analysts and coaches. This could be pitchside or classroom-based sessions. All Academy players and parents also get access to Hudl, which is our online analysis platform to further support engagement and learning.  

Academy players will get support with their physical development from the sports science and medical team. Each individual player is screened at designated points in the season. These results allow the sports science and medical team to develop individualized programmesutilising gym, core and fundamental movement preparation sessions to maximize longterm physical development. Each individual player also has access to bespoke support from our medical team, such as movement development, injury management and return to play protocols. 

Parents and players have access to support from our team of sports psychologists and designated player care staff. This will include regular check ins, parent workshops, player workshops and onpitch support. 

At Wolves, we value our players’ education very highly and support them with this throughout their journey at the Academy. Each age group has a designated school liaison officer who will ensure constant communication between the Academy and player’s school to monitor, support and maximise full academic potential. This is overseen by the Academy head of education and head of coaching.