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The place to be for young Footballers

Wolves Academy has a track record for being one of the very best youth facilities in the UK, reflected in it’s Category One Status.

We have a history of nurturing our scholars into fine young people respected in their future industries, whether that be in the world of professional football or business.

More information on our facilities and philosophies to the education and well-being of our scholars can be found below.

Wolves Academy

Our coaching philosophy

Wolves’ values are Progressive, Determined, Bright, Humble and Unity. Wolves Academy has five key ‘pillars’ that support these values and guide everything we do.  

From the coaches to the players, from juniors to seniors, from parents to teachers. 

This is the Wolves Way. 

BE BRAVE and progressive. Wolves admire courage and drive in what we do as individuals and what we do as a pack. 

WORK HARD and have funBe determined. Drive yourself. When we all work hard together, we all improve. Realise your potential as well as those of your pack. 

BE CREATIVE. Shine bright. Challenge. Try. Explore. It’s good to be ambitious. Make sure you bring the pack with you. 

HAVE RESPECT. Be considerate. Be humble. This is a great privilege and opportunity for you and all those around you. The strength of the wolf is in the pack. 

ENJOY YOUR  EXPERIENCEMost of all, have fun and enjoy the experienceThat way you can be the best you can be as a wolf and in unity as a pack. 

Our Facilities

A Category One Status Academy

Wolves Academy is based at the Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground in Compton, Wolverhampton. Academy players train on the same site as Wolves’ Premier League first-team squad, reflecting the player pathway to the first-team.

The site features state-of-the-art facilities including several undersoil heated DessoGrassMaster pitches, an indoor 3G pitch, fully-equipped gym, hydrotherapy pool, canteen and excellent classroom facilities for the education of our scholars.

Scouting and Recruitment

Joining Wolves Academy

Click below to learn all about the Wolves scouting and recruitment process and find out what it takes to get spotted by a Premier League football club.

Scouting and recruitment

Scouting and recruitment

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Soccer Sessions

UK coaching

We have a wide range of UK-based programmes to help young footballers grow and develop.

These also include residential stays in Wolverhampton for participants from overseas.

UK coaching sessions

Soccer sessions

International coaching

Coaching sessions are also delivered by our Wolves coaches across the world.

Find out how your child can learn from our elite level coaches no matter where you’re based.

International coaching sessions

Meet the team

Our coaching and education team

Learn more about the team behind the scenes at Wolves Academy.

Meet the team

Player Care and Safeguarding

Keeping everyone safe

Find out how we create a positive environment that is supportive, warm and welcoming, ensuring that all our children, young people and any adults at risk are happy and safe.

Player Care and Safeguarding

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