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Academy players give back after war-time cooking session

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Generous Wolves Academy starlets have given back to the community as they cooked and donated a delicious batch of bread and butter pudding as part of the Feed Our Pack project and the Academy’s educational programme.

Wolves’ under-13 players have been learning about the conditions and sacrifices people had to make during the time of the First World War as part of the Premier League-led ‘Christmas Truce’ project.

One of the areas the players have been learning about is war-time food, so seven members of the squad, many of whom have never cooked any kind of food before, headed into the kitchens at Molineux, and with the help of head chef Luke Hitchins, prepared a fresh batch of bread and butter pudding.

Using a step-by-step recipe put together by chef Luke, and supported by Wolves under-23 goalkeeper Jackson Smith, the players got to work on creating their masterpieces, which were to be served to members of Wolves Foundation’s Elders club, who were eagerly waiting in the WV1 Restaurant.

The players said: “Some of us have never cooked anything before, and some have only ever cooked pasta and baked cookies, so we found it difficult, but it was really fun.

“Luckily, we had the recipe which we could follow, otherwise it wouldn’t have turned out as well as it did!”

After having a taste of their creation, the players spent time chatting to the Wolves Elders, and learnt more about why bread and butter pudding would have been a good meal for people to eat during the war.

The players said: “They were really interesting to talk to and we learnt a lot about how when they were our age, they didn’t have all the technology and food that we have, so had to rely on food like this which could be made with rations.”

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