Sean Parrish

Professional Phase Support Coach - U21’s Assistant Coach

Department: Coaching
Age Groups: U18
Date Joined: 01/01/2020

Professional qualifications

  • UEFA ‘A’ 2006
  • UEFA ‘B’ 2004
  • FA Youth Coaches Award (17-21) 2008
  • Academy Mangers Course 2011
  • FA Youth Module 3 2013
  • FA A`dvanced Youth Award 2019
  • PL ECAS 2017
Previous positions held

U18’s Assistant Coach
U16’s Lead Coach

Which Wolves Value best suits you and your role?

Progressive – Always looking to develop and enhance my knowledge and understanding by observing others (best practice)

Professional playing experience

A Professional and Semi professional football career over 17 years

Weekly tasks overview

Prepare and deliver daily training sessions
Hold individual, unit, team meetings
Organise and implement team strategies for upcoming games
Review and reflect team performances (individually, units and team)
Analyse opposition prior to matches
Scouting reports
Record and input training and match data

What do you most enjoy about working for the academy?

Improving the players holistically
Seeing young players progress through the Academy and ultimately play for the 1st team
Building relationships with staff and players

Future career and academic aspirations

Continually improving to be a better version of myself. Be the best possible assistant.
Always finding ways to enhance my knowledge (seek best practice opportunities, football and other sports)
What is after ECAS? Possible Degree?