Sam Bowring

U18s Sports Scientist

Department: Sports Science
Age Groups: U12
Date Joined: 01/01/2020

Professional qualifications

  • CSCS – 2018 – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • BASES – 2021 – British Accredited Sport Exercise Scientist
  • BSc in Sports Coaching & Performance – 2014- Hull University
  • MSc in Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning – 2016 – Hull University
  • Level 2 Coaching Award in the following sports;
    Rugby League
    Rugby Union
Previous positions held

Head of Academy Sports Science & Medicine – Barnsley F.C.

Lead Academy Sports Scientist – Hull City

Assistant First Team Sports Scientist – Hull City

Academy Sports Scientist – Hull City

Which Wolves Value best suits you and your role?


I consider what the players and staff require from me as a person based on differing scenarios within the training and matchday program. I’m considerate towards others feelings and how my actions may effect that persons day from a positive or negative perspective. I understand when to be humble based on a person’s feelings and to self reflect on my own actions within in and away from work.

Professional playing experience

Professional rugby league player for 3 years and continue to play semi-professional rugby league around my work schedule.

Weekly tasks overview

Lead the u18s strength and conditioning individual program.
Deliver the u18s on-field athletic development program based on the player’s positional demands and specific physical needs.
Periodise the u18s Sports Science program to positively improve a player’s atheltic development.
Manage players training load and liaise with the u18s GPS analyst regarding the week to week loading plan.
Work closely with the technical coaches to produce an all round session that incorporates the four corner model.
Ensure the players have a positive experience of being an u18s scholarship player.

What do you most enjoy about working for the academy?

I enjoy working with the players on a day to day basis and seeing each individual grow as a person. The staff are friendly and always think of what is best for the individual player rather than their own needs. The Academy is progressive and always aims to reflect every week to ensure ‘no stone is left unturned.’

Future career and academic aspirations

I aim to complete my UKSCA accreditation within the next year and hope to begin studying for a PhD in football. I aim to bring the physical and technical demands of football closer to manage training workload. I want to be in a role where i can manage and positively develop other practictioners or people to increase their knowledge and coaching delivery.