Matt Perry

Head of Medical Services and Academy Doctor

Department: Doctor
Age Groups: U14
Date Joined: 01/01/2020

Professional qualifications

  • MBChB basic medical qualification 1982
  • MRCGP Royal College of GPs 1986
  • DRCOG Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1985
  • MSc Primary Care Management 1996
  • MSc Sports Medicine 2006
  • Diploma in Ultrasound Scanning 2016
  • ATMMIF Advanced Trauma and Medical Management in Football annually
Previous positions held

Academy doctor August 2001- July 2002
Head of Medical Department
Premier League Medical Adviser
Club Doctor 2002-2021

Which Wolves Value best suits you and your role?

I’m never comfortable with division and will strive to bring people together and find common purpose. I’ll work very hard to do the right thing for the team, the club big most importantly to me, the individual

Professional playing experience

You must be joking!

Weekly tasks overview

Supporting the medical and sport science department in making informed decisions on player management

Providing trauma care snd cover for matches

Overseeing medical service provision throughout the age groups

Establishing good clinical practice and governance throughout the department

Prescribing and dispensing medicines
Ultrasound scanning
Contributing to multidisciplinary meetings
Communication with first team medicine and sport science team

Separately heading medical services provision

What do you most enjoy about working for the academy?

New daily challenges
Great people
Providing experience to people coming into the professional game

Future career and academic aspirations

I want to see the academy succeed in terms of player and people development and will do my best to assist others develop

Academically I have this year joined UKAD governance team and I have a lot to learn there. I want the club to meet the SEQOHS standards in occupational health provision I’ve been asked to train as an ATMMIF tutor.

I want to develop Michelle and Sherley in medical services provision

Further information

My first crop of academy players are now all long retired as players though a good few played Champions League football, they are now coaches and TV pundits; I’m excited to see what this lot will become!