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Elite level football coaching webinars

Coming soon in 2022/23

With the changes in how we work and communicate, the virtual world has become even more prominent in our day to day lives. At Wolves we are a humble pack who are bright and always willing to learn. With that we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with partners, coaches and football enthusiasts around the world.  

Our webinars are a virtual conference room packed with multimedia and interactive features. We can deliver lectures, lessons, courses, training or even demonstrations via our own dedicated platform – allowing live access and the chance to watch on demand following the webinar. 

We have the ability to share our expertise to individuals working in the game, ranging from Sports Scientists to elite coaches.  

Wolves Academy webinars are delivered through presentations, whiteboard sessions, video or screenshare with interaction in the form of polls, surveys and chat.  

Due to the different times zone around the worldwe have to ability to deliver Live or prerecorded webinars. 

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Contact us to find out more about our upcoming coaching webinars – join us to learn from some of the best football coaches on the planet.

Coming soon in 2022/23!

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